Friday, June 18, 2010

M-seal ganpathy

M-Seal is a common house hold adhesive used for fastening various articles. No one could think of creating beautiful pieces of art with this simple material.
This ganpathy is made with M-seal by mixing two different colour putty .Once they are mixed together they become hard very fast ,so it always advisable to mix little at a time. Then it is painted with the enamel paint and gold and copper dust is sprayed when the paint is wet.
It was a great experience working with M-seal,it can be tried out in other base like glass,ceramic tiles ,ply wood and can be painted with different mediums.


  1. Beautiful Ganpati! Who could have thought a murti could be made from a common household product? Good Job! Have you ever been to online store? They have a vast collection of beautiful Indian ethnic wear available online. Do explore.